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All aboard to the next great adventure for Ciel and his demonic butler, Sebastian! After hearing rumors of a peculiar society bringing people back from the dead, the two board the luxury liner Campania on her maiden voyage to investigate. Incognito amongst the mysterious Aurora Society, they find familiar faces and a sight they can’t believe—a woman raised from the dead! But surprise quickly turns to dread when the shambling corpse attacks.

With more questions than answers, Ciel and Sebastian are up against not just one flesh-hungry corpse, but hundreds. Worse yet, the flamboyant reaper Grell and his new partner, Ronald Knox, stand in their way. Time is running out to solve this mystery, and if the demonic duo doesn’t act fast, they’ll be treading some seriously rough waters. Who could be behind this daring necromancy—and are they ready to find out?


In English audio and Japanese with English Subtitles
June 12th (Subtitled) and June 14th (Dubbed)


100 minutes

Cast & Staff

Sebastian Michaelis

Japanese: Daisuke Ono

English: J. Michael Tatum

Ciel Phantomhive

Japanese: Maaya Sakamoto

English: Brina Palencia

Elizabeth Midford

Japanese: Yukari Tamura

English: Cherami Leigh


Japanese: Junichi Suwabe

English: John Swasey

Grell Sutcliff

Japanese: Jun Fukuyama

English: Daniel Fredrick

Ronald Knox

Japanese: KENN

English: Joel McDonald

William T. Spears

Japanese: Noriaki Sugiyama

English: Barry Yandell


Japanese: Takuma Terashima

English: Spike Spencer


Japanese: Hiroki Tōchi

English: Ian Sinclair


Japanese: Yūki Kaji

English: Jason Liebrecht


Japanese: Emiri Kato

English: Monica Rial

Rian Stoker

Japanese: Seichiro Yamashita

English: Dave Trosko

Viscount of Druitt

Japanese: Tomoaki Maeno

English: Todd Haberkorn

Edward Midford

Japanese: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

English: Justin Briner

Frances Midford

Japanese: Kaito Ishikawa

English: Elizabeth Maxwell

Alexis Leon Midford

Japanese: Atsuko Tanaka

English: Jeremy Schwartz


Japanese: Jouji Nakata

English: Terri Doty

Charles Phips

Japanese: Ryohei Kimura

English: Brandon Potter

Charles Grey

Japanese: Emiri Kato

English: Clifford Chapin